Nicola from The Creation Station Lincoln West tells us about FREE intergenerational ‘Grand Activities’ fun…

The Creation Station brings FREE intergenerational ‘Grand Activities’ fun as part of an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt.

Woo Hoo! Super excited to bring you some great intergenerational fun!

What is Grand Activities?

Grand Activities is an online intergenerational class provided, to enable Children and Senior Citizens to make “Grandfriends”. We have all noticed how difficult it has been over the last year to not be able to see our parents and grandparents, with so many of our loved ones shielding away from us all in an effort to beat the virus. We at The Creation Station, feel that our Senior Citizens have been isolated for too long and want to be able to offer an online class where they can enjoy meeting and completing activities together with children.


Who is this for?         

Everyone who wants to have a bit of creative fun, a bit of wellbeing time and would like to connect with and make a few ‘Grandfriends’. You can book as an individual, there are no age restrictions.  You might have an older or younger family member who would love to be involved. Or you may know a group who would love to be involved too! For group booking please email your local leader and they will be happy to organise this for you.

What’s involved.       

This free session will include creating a collaged portrait and you will have the chance to be entered into ‘Our Creative Face’ GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt for the largest online gallery of collages.

We will be welcoming individuals and groups of young and old to join in this creative fun session.

The session will last approx. 45 minutes.


Between February 15th and 28th The Creation Station are offering you a free Online Grand Activities class.

How will this work?  

Once you have registered for the free online session, your local Creation Station leader will email you with a link to the online session and a list of materials you may want to gather from around the home.

The session will include creating collage of something that represents you or something that is important to you. This could be a self- portrait, something you love, somewhere you love or simply a message. We will provide full instructions and lots of fun in this interactive session!

What will I need?      

We will be making a collaged portrait made from mainly recycled, reused, or repurposed materials. You can also use crafts materials you might have around the home.

Materials can include, but are not limited to:        

Newspaper, magazines, buttons, wool, cotton wool, glue, scrap paper, tissue paper, crepe paper, sequins, pens, scissors.

If you would like to purchase a craft kit to do the session, please email your local Creation Station leader- thank you.

The art and crafts sessions will involve joining an online hosted class and creating a collaged portrait. Artwork will be uploaded to www.OurCreativeFace.com as part of the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt to create the largest online gallery of collaged portraits. The items used in the workshops will include recycling everyday items from the home along with a few sparks of imagination!

The Creation Station are welcoming enquiries from those who manage care homes or provide support for senior citizens.  Enquiries are also welcome from schools, activity groups, nurseries, special needs groups and those who work with and support children.
Attendees will receive online joining details along with a suggested list of items to gather before the event. Craft packs with items in will also be available to purchase on request.

“Having worked in the care sector for over 18 years, I’m aware of the struggles our senior citizens face with loneliness and depression, more so due to everyone’s current situation.

We want to be able to reduce this by providing fun, laughter, new friendship’s and to bring the community together”-Nicola Creation Station Lincoln West

16  benefits of intergenerational classes https://www.thecreationstation.co.uk/inspiration/sixteen-benefits-of-intergenerational-activities

To find your nearest Creation Station visit  www.thecreationstation.co.uk


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