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The idea of a marriage breakdown and the prospect of life after separating can be daunting and upsetting, you may have worries about your income, paying the household bills, protecting your pension, what happens to the family home and how to arrange custody and contact for any children.

At Pepperells, we understand that there is a lot to consider before taking any action, and getting the right advice early on can help smooth the process for all parties involved.

  • Have you fallen out of love with your partner?

  • Are you a parent who feels that they should stay with their partner for the sake of the children?

  • Do you feel like you no longer want to stay within the marriage but don’t feel as if either party are at fault for the breakdown?

  • Is there fault in your marriage but you don’t want to create conflict by commencing a divorce?

The introduction of no-fault divorce on 6th April 2022 has made it simpler for you to obtain a divorce while removing the need to demonstrate fault in your relationship to allow a divorce to proceed. This is particularly of interest where there has been no wrong doing to cause the marriage or civil partnership breakdown.

Charlotte Tweed, Family Paralegal informs us as to the recent changes to divorce law.

“The recent changes brought in by no-fault divorce may have confused parents who previously thought they understood divorce proceedings. But our team are able to guide you through a divorce and provide compassionate, empathetic and quality advice.”

“The law now recognises that creating unnecessary conflict for spouses when proving fault in a divorce was having a direct negative impact on any children to a marriage. This was resulting in children asking questions, becoming upset by parents arguing and children themselves being involved in a potentially hostile situation. the new law allows us to help you shelter your children from the conflict previously caused by divorce”

“The previous law was also considered unfair on spouses who do not wish, or are unable, to demonstrate fault in their marriage, making the law inadequate for couples who have simply fallen out of love with each other.”

“The change allows you to petition for divorce solely because your marriage has broken down.”

If you can relate to these situations, now is the time to consider talking to the experts at Pepperells.

Our divorce experts are empathetic, approachable and will guide you through every step of your divorce and provide essential support on issues/questions that may arise.

Pepperells have been providing Lincolnshire families with advice and guidance for over 30 years and have offices in Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and the North East. We offer a free, no obligation conversation and have experts ready to assist via telephone, live chat, video call or face to face appointments.

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