Kixx Lincoln – More Than Just Football!

Kixx Lincoln have seen their academies, primary school and nursery provision go from strength to strength. Along with the rebrand launch from Mini Kicks to what is now known as Kixx they have sessions across Lincolnshire as well as just launching in Sleaford! How fantastic!

Groups for age 18 months – 2 years and for 2 years

These are the fastest growing programmes at Kixx.

The session is run as a fun filled parent toddler group, so you as a parent are key to the session! One of our highly trained Coaches will lead a themed session designed to be fun and capture the attention of the children, and occasionally bring out that fun competitiveness between parents!

The benefits of Kixx at this age have been clear to see. They include:

  • Improvement of gross motor skills and coordination
  • Socialising with new friends in a new environment
  • Learning simple things such as waiting for your turn and being able to share with others
  • As always, the key thing is to have fun, and there will be lots of that!!

As with all our programmes this is a high energy, entertaining curriculum for boys and girls between 18 months through to 2 years of age. With convenient 8-week block bookings, why not come and give it a go!

Group for ages 3-5

Kixx is a hit with both boys and girls between 3 and 5 years of age. Kixx is not all about football! Each child will get their own ball in our sessions and we will develop their skills, but we will do so in a creative, unique way that has the main purpose of making our sessions fun!

The Kixx Academy uses football, the World’s most popular sport, to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices at key development ages. Kixx helps children develop self-confidence as well as motor, listening, socialisation, and life skills within the framework of football. Studies show children who play sport tend to have higher self-esteem and body image than those who don’t. Our unique football curriculum is simple and effective for all levels to learn and enjoy. There is no secret to our formula:

  • High energy, fast paced sessions.
  • Carefully designed curriculum to promote skill development in a FUN way.
  • Highly qualified, enthusiastic coaches.

Group for ages 6-10

Once your child hits their 6th birthday they are eligible for the older group at Kixx! This has been developed for all children ages 6 – 10 years of age.

Kixx is aimed at progressing the principles already used in line with the latest FA model for coaching.

Our focus is on developing the child according to the four-corner model. With Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social elements all considered within our curriculum.

Of course, competition is important. So, we have designated ‘match days’ where we will have inter squad games, or invite local, or professional teams for a friendly.

Is Kixx the right programme for my child?

We pride ourselves on being able to cater for all abilities, from children who have never played football before, to children that we have moved along to professional clubs. What we guarantee is your child will be assessed and put in a group that will aid their development!

The Goal 

Kixx is aimed at making our children active for life. It introduces competition in a controlled manner and with that comes the great feelings of being part of a team!
• If football was not your child’s thing, hopefully their enjoyment of the programme will mean they remain physically active in another sport or activity for life!


‘To Positively impact a child’s life at every opportunity’

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