Local author Lisa Melbourne talks to us about her new book  – “Natural Magic for the Modern Goddess”

Lisa Melbourne is a local entrepeneur and parent who Lincs Kids has had the pleasure of knowing and working with for several years now. It has been great to see her business and reputation develop and thrive and now to see her first book come to fruition. We took some time to have a (virtual) chat about her background and how the book came about…

Tell us a little about how you started out?

My journey into health and wellness really began when I studied to be a Clinical Reflexologist and Aromatherapist back in 2012, but I have always been interested in natural healing techniques and practices, particularly the use of essential oils as my Mum was an Aromatherapist.

I set up my clinic, Lisa’s Body & Sole in 2013, based in North Hykeham and my love for all things relating to natural healing and health grew from there.

I specialise in women’s health, supporting my clients with all three aspects of their health – mind, body and spirit, helping them to understand why they might be struggling with physical complaints and disorders and how this might relate to an emotional event or trauma. I combine this holistic approach with a combination of Aromatherapy and Reflexology treatments that are tailored specifically to my client’s needs.

What was the inspiration behind the book and how did you end up as an author?

The inspiration for my book came from the work that I have been doing with my clients for the past 8 years, as well as the healing journey that I have been on personally over the last decade since leaving the Military.

I hit rock bottom after leaving the RAF, struggling with my mental health and a complete disconnection from myself and the world around me.

As I slowly started to piece myself back together, I began to read a lot about the positive benefits of mindfulness, guided journaling, meditation, rituals and creating a life that was connected to the cycles of Nature, the seasons and the Moon. I discovered that there was a beautiful synchronicity to the ebb and flow of the natural world with my own internal seasons and so I began practicing mindfulness that was connected to these natural energies.

The daily practices and rituals that I have implemented into my own life over the last decade, along with the tools, techniques and therapies that I’ve trained in have become my blueprint for a balanced and harmonious life. This inspired me to share my journey with others and so it was that I began writing Natural Magic for the Modern Goddess.

I approached a publishing company called That Guy’s House with my book synopsis who specialise in publishing books within the Wellness genre and I was honoured when they asked me to jump on board and publish my book with them!

Who is your book aimed at? What benefits would it bring?

My book is aimed at women from all walks of life, of all different ages who feel inspired to create a deeper and more mindful connection to themselves, their health, purpose and nature.

This book will guide them to view life from a gentle and positive perspective, supporting them through times when they might not always have the answers or trust in where it is that they are heading.

The reader will learn to connect with their intuition on a much deeper level, learn to love the body that they are in, slay any inner demons that are holding them back and mindfully connect to their health and wellbeing through various rituals, journaling prompts, essential oils, flowers and crystals that will become part of their own personal daily wellbeing blueprint.

What are your plans and hopes for 2021 with the book launch and other opportunities?

I’m so excited about the book launch this year and the potential for growth in other areas of my work.

After last year and being unable to see my clients face to face due to the Covid restrictions, my focus has really become about creating more online support for people during these tough times. The feedback from my clients after the first lockdown in March was how much they enjoyed the online self-help workshops that I provided as a way to support people with their health and wellbeing from a distance.

This has inspired me to create more courses for health and wellbeing that are online and accessible to everyone, so I have created my signature 4-week course – Path Of Light available now, which is my personal blueprint for a mindful life that connects your health and wellbeing to the cycles of the moon and nature, and teaches how to implement essential oils, crystals, reflexology and women’s cyclic nutrition into daily life.

I also plan to devote more of my time and energy to my online women’s membership – Natural Me Sisterhood, a community of self-exploration through mindful health that I am deeply proud of.

As part of the membership the women get weekly content to learn at their own pace on subjects such as aromatherapy, reflexology, crystal therapy, flower therapy, chakra healing and so much more. We also get together in an online circle every fortnight for an hour of meditation and journaling around the Full and New Moon. I’d love to see this deeply nurturing space continue to grow.

Where can our readers find you and order the book?

You can find out more about me and the work I do, including the link to order my book at www.lisamelbourne.com If you’d like to talk to me about aromatherapy and reflexology treatments you can also find me at www.lincolnreflex.co.uk

My social media handles are – Facebook.com/LisaNaturalMe & LisaBodySoleClinic

Instagram – lisa_natural_me & lisas_body_sole_clinic


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